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At Take Flight Financial Coaching, we believe that everyone has the power to achieve their financial goals. Our goal is to create an app that uses a unique blend of behavioral science, positive psychology, and accountability to help you better understand your relationship with money and develop healthy financial habits. 

If you're ready to get unstuck and take flight towards your financial goals sign up below to stay up to date on our progress!

Welcome to Take Flight!

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    The Pitch

    Take Flight is an idea for a financial coaching app that helps users understand their relationship with money and develop better financial habits by utilizing coaching, behavioral science, positive psychology, and accountability.

    The App

    Take Flight is based on the concept of Financial Capability, which makes up the app's four core elements



    • A library of short informational videos on key financial and behavioral concepts



    • Money Mindset Quiz - To help users better understand their inherited beliefs around money and how it shows up when they make financial decisions

    • 90-Day Action Plan (Their Flight Plan)- A goal focused on one growth area such as reducing debt, improving credit, or saving money.

    • Weekly financial coaching lessons to help users better understand and then be able to change their relationship with their money.



    • Money Check In’s - Users update their app with how they are feeling about their money to help promote mindfulness.

    • Goal Check In’s - Users update their Flight plan to keep track of their progress. The app will respond with suggestions to stay on track or rewards when they are on track.

    • Positive Affirmations – Users will receive periodic notifications with positive affirmations to help keep them motivated and validate their work so far.



    • The app will have a section that provides referrals to safe, effective, and nonpredatory banking products such as credit building credit cards and high-yield savings accounts.

    Take Flight is still in the early stages of development, but you can take version 1.0 of our money mindset quiz!


    Initial Design Mock Ups


    About Me

    My name is Ugbaad

    I first developed a passion for financial literacy and education when I began my career in banking. Years later, I became a financial coach and ran the United Way of Washtenaw County’s Financial Coaching and Education programming. As the Financial Capability Programs manager, I came to understand the immense impact financial coaching could have on a person’s life and that there were many barriers to accessing it.  While no longer coaching, I'm dedicated to exploring new and innovative ways to helping people achieve their financial goals.

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